Porn Star Found Her Niche



Bennet's Truth from 1936 implies...FUN.
Bennet’s Truth from 1936 implies…FUN.

Okay, this entry is a quicky so all of you can proceed with your festive weekends. I’m pretty sure everyone knows about famous sex tapes. Pamela Anderson enters my mind immediately, and I believe Kim Kardashian “starred” in one too.  This detail of my life devastated me for a minute. I shared in an earlier post, I think, that I married my ex-husband while I resided at the State Hospital. Yes, patients have the right to marry, but try to divorce a husband while he lives in a State Hospital…Lawyer refused because he said my ex could claim he signed the papers “out of his mind.” Fucked up, right?

Even more fucked up, when he and I walked around the grounds together we did engage in sexual excursions in bushes, behind rocks, in the woods or even in one  of the few bathrooms that locked  (like at the State Hospital Store.) Apparently one of our “outings” composed of me performing an artistically, perfect blowjob while he sat on a picnic bench. I found out one morning when I walked to his building to meet him, and a pain in the ass tech said, “It’s the porn star!!” I thought WTF?

The Nurse from my building pulled me aside and requested an interesting suggestion. She said, “You and B—- were caught on video camera by the office buildings (that intermingled with Hospital Buildings, but still were sate jobs.)”  She asked, “Please go to a deserted, and well shaded area to do your thing.” So the security officers who patrolled the grounds saw my performance, knew it was B—- and I, told the “person in charge of that shit,” who told the nurses, who told the techs, who called me a fucking porn star for a month. The other fucking idiots that I loved for each of their  magic howled.

Should I laugh like a hyena or cry like a baby goat? How can I merge the two? Not with the chords of my voice. Taaa-Dahhh. Have a great weekend “peebles.”

(Behind deserted strip malls I found in the past provide a private and fun place to “get it on.” “FUCK” in plain english. ) Chow.


5 thoughts on “Porn Star Found Her Niche

      1. Oh not at all! I just think that having “strangers” see your naked body exposed during sexual acts is one of the most embarrassing things that could happen to a person. I sure don’t want a bunch of weirdos seeing ME naked!



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